In the heart of France, where culinary traditions meet innovation, Master of Nuts emerged as a new signature in the world of roasted nuts, seeds, and kernels.

Founded by a group of dynamic entrepreneurs with diverse expertise, Master of Nuts swiftly became a hub of creativity, blending tradition with modernity.

Driven by their passion and savoir-faire, the team envisioned a brand that would redefine the way the world perceived nuts – not just as snacks, but as gourmet delights. Their heritage and expertise are embedded in every nut, creating a truly authentic and unparalleled snacking experience.

With an unwavering commitment to transforming this snack into a global sensation, our master roasters delicately curate combinations that burst with vibrant flavors, ensuring an authentic taste that transcends borders.

And so, Cracko was born, a brand synonymous with quality, taste, freshness and “Crackiness”.


Expert master roasters deeply rooted in preserving and evolving a heritage roasting method, gathered to blend Mediterranean excellence with Lebanese savoir-faire and to craft unparalleled roasted nuts and mixes.


Sourcing their beans from the finest areas and crops using clean methods is at the core of their craft. Their commitment to dry roasting without added oils or artificial flavoring as well as perfecting natural preservation thanks to the expertise of packaging engineers, ensures the purity of the flavors.


With a commitment to making this healthy snack a worldwide sensation while maintaining authenticity, they carefully curated combinations bursting with vibrant flavors, unparalleled freshness and addictive crackiness.

+33 7 85 89 52 93

Espace Altura, 46 rue saint Antoine 75004 Paris France